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"The vision of our clients is our source of inspiration and their total satisfaction at the completion of a project, our GOAL" - Neelam Kirtikar; President of INLINES CORPORATION


Inlinesdesign President Neelam Kirtikar - interior design consultantINLINES CORPORATION is one of India's oldest and best respected interior design firms, leading the field since 1952 and has built a reputation of delivering projects of unique design and quality within budget.

Our Mumbai office was opened in 1996 and has already undertaken quite a few projects of significant prestige. The Head Office based in New Delhi, was opened in 1952.

We have our own team of architects, interior decorator & other staff who have complete knowledge of Turnkey Projects in the hospitality industry. Our interior design consultants work with clients to determine their needs, sturcture of space and the style that suits their taste. Read More..


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